Thursday, 3 January 2013

Welcome to Rajiv's Kitchen

Food can bring people together and that's what has led me to write this blog. 

While eating food is a necessity, I have been fortunate enough to enjoy good food for most of my earlier life. Things changed when I came to the UK in 1970’s. There was not a single place which served good Indian home cooked food. You really appreciate the good when you've experienced the not so good!

The recipes this blog shares are all designed for cooking at home and enjoying with family and friends.  I'm no restaurant chef, the meals I cook are homely meals that I have picked up from those closest to me and over time have added my own personal touch. Each recipe has a story of where it came from which I would like to share with you here at Rajiv's Kitchen.

Some of my earliest and happiest memories are of the food my Ma made as a child. Now maybe I'm biased, but for me (and most of the extended family circle!) my Ma was the best cook ever... Throughout this blog you will see the influence of those memories of food with my Ma, writing this blog is my way of thanking her and ensuring her legendary cooking style continues. 

I hope you enjoy making these recipes as much as I have over the years and get in touch to let me know how it goes!



  1. This sounds great-I am looking forward to trying out the recipes!

  2. Hi Hannah,
    I am working on posting the recipes as my next post so please look out. The posts would be starting from simple recipes which I remember from my childhood and gradually mature to my experimental dishes which I have created by fusion of the Indian theme but modern cooking methods of the west.
    Thank you for commenting.