Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Lamb Curry (Kaliya)

My version of kaliya (meat) dish is slightly different to how it is prepared at other kayastha homes in Delhi but essentially it is similar. The biggest difference between other curry recipes is that this one has the thinnest gravy. This has the advantage that even the gravy tastes of meat as does the meat taste of the spices. It is difficult to describe it but once you have had it, you would not want to make it any other way! I have slightly altered the recipe given to me by my mother, which was without the yogurt – giving it my stamp. I cook this dish in a pressure cooker as it saves a lot in cooking time, but you could do it in an ordinary pan with a tight lid, I shall give some indication how long you would need to cook for at the stage.

Ingredients: (For approx 6 people)

·         ½ kg Lamb (shoulder or leg small cubes, keep the bones they give the taste)
·         ½  medium sized onion finely chopped
·         1 tsf garlic paste
·         1 tsf ginger paste
·         2 tomatoes, can use tinned tomatoes
·         2-3 tbsf yogurt
·         1 tsf cumin powder
·         1 ½ tsf coriander powder
·         ¼ tsf chilli powder (to taste)
·         1 ¼ tsf salt
·         3/4 tsf garam masala
·         1 inch Cinnamon stick
·         6 cloves
·         2-3 cardamoms
·         3 tbsf oil for cooking


1.      In a pressure cooker heat some oil over medium heat.
2.      When oil is hot add Cinnamon stick, cloves and whole cardamoms.
3.      Add the meat (as soon the whole spices start to splutter) and very lightly brown it and then remove the lamb with a slotted spoon, keep it aside. 
4.      Now add the chopped onion in the heated oil and brown them.
5.      Add the garlic and ginger paste and mix well for a couple of minutes.
6.      Add tomatoes, squashing the tomatoes as you mix.
7.      Add a spoonful of yogurt at a time mixing it with the above mix.
8.      Add the cumin, coriander, chilli powders and salt. Mix well.
9.      Add the slightly browned lamb with all the juices that may have collected and brown the meat till the oil separates.
10.  Add water 300mls (you will need more if not using pressure cooker).
11.  Cover the pressure cooker and let the first whistle blow then reduce the heat to low and cook for 25 minutes (time may vary depending on the tenderness of lamb).
12.  If you are not using the pressure cooker you will need about 1 ½ hour or till the lamb is tender.
13.  Add garam masala, stir well. Serve hot with Chappatis and Vegetable as a side dish.

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