Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Cook & Eat Indian Cookery Class 1


I have named my classes Cook & eat as these tend to be social events where participants cook a meal under my supervision and handy recipes from me. After cooking we all sit down to eat together over choice of our tipple!
in this class like others we did prepare three dishes and sat down together to i have given the recipe of only Kashmiri rogan josh as other items have been covered in the main blog.


This is one of the signature dishes amongst Kashmiri Pandits, but is equally popular amongst the muslim who use onion and garlic in their cooking where as Pandits do not use these ingredients. Pandits in India are vegetarian, often not using garlic in their cooking. Kashmiri Pandit however, due their close links with the invading rulers started eating meat but refrained from adding garlic and onions. Despite not having garlic and onions Kashmiri version of Rogan Josh is such a winner.



1 Kg Lamb
10-12 Cloves
1 inch Cinnamon stick
2-3 Brown Cardamoms
1/3 tsf Chilli powder
1 tsf crushed Fennel seeds
1 tsf Ginger powder
1 ¼ tsf Salt (to taste)
5 tbsf Yogurt
5 tbsf oil


  • Heat the oil in a pressure cooker, when hot put the cinnamon stick and cardamoms stir for 3-4 mins or when they sizzle. 
  • Now add the lamb, chilli powder and salt. Slightly brown the meat.
  • When the meat is slightly brown start adding yogurt spoonful at a time so that it mixes well. If the lamb catches you can add small amount of water. 
  • Add ½ cup of water, Ginger powder and Crushed fennel seeds and give pressure for 25 mins (time will depend on quality of meat). You can cook the meat without a pressure cooker but you need a heavy pan with a tight lid. 
  • The time lamb should be tender and the dish should be dry. With the lid of the pressure cooker off dry off any water.   

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