Monday, 23 November 2015

Sorry, I haven't been active for a while

Hi All

I am sorry for not being active for a while. It is not just laziness but I got way laid as I was trying to develop this site into something different and in the process got lost. OK I am not perfect I admit. Well you may ask what have I been doing with my quest for exploring new dishes and old!
I continue to travel the length and breadth of India once a year. I have eaten and learnt some regional dishes which might interest some of you, these certainly interest me and some have become regulars on my menu. I have also started some teaching classes. These are interesting as well, as I call these Cook & Eat. These are just as the name suggests, people come and cook in my kitchen, in my presence and follow my prepared recipes and at end we eat together. We generally cook 3 dishes and it takes about two hours just enough to finish a couple of glasses of wine while cooking!
I thought it may be of interest that I publish some of these recipes on the net. I am doing this for some giving ideas to prepare a complete meal for yourself or a small group.
After that I intend doing some regional dishes and variations.

Welcome to some of the Cook & eat Classes.......

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