Thursday, 2 January 2014

Makki Ki Roti Bala Style

Anyone from the North India would know the only way to have Sarson Ka Saag is with Makki ki Roti. Every home in Punjab and Haryana will vouch their version of Makki ki Roti is the best. I was privileged to taste Bala’s made roti with her Saag. I think if anyone else had the opportunity they would not be disappointed either.

The most difficult part of making this roti is the mixing of the dough. Unlike, normal roti flour mix which is prepared by adding water to the whole of the flour, Bala mixed small amounts of makki flour with little water. This she would rub with the heel of her hand. She informed me that this way the Makki becomes soft for a better flovour. She mixed (or rubbed) small amounts for only 2-3 rotis at a time. In between cooking the rotis she would mix another lot of dough. She managed to feed 7-8 people with hot fresh rotis! 

  • 250 gms Maize Flour
  • 125 gms Wheat Flour
  • Water for mixing
  • White Butter for spreading on the roti (optional)

  1. Mix maize and wheat flour with small amount of warm water. As opposed to kneading the flour with fingers you need to rub the flour mix with the heel of the palm. This action not only mixes the flours but makes the Makki grains softer, I have been informed. If one was to make larger quantity you may find it easier to mix and rub the flour in smaller amount at a time.
  2. Once the four is mixed take a small amount of dough and roll it in circular roti shape, then heat it first on a tawa (Indian griddle for making rotis - a necessity for making any type of roti, but at a stretch one can use a flat frying pan). The roti is first heated on one side then turned over. As soon as you start to see brownish burnt areas the lift it from the tawa and heat both side on the naked fire.
  3. Traditionally one applies white butter on one side of the roti and served hot with Sarson ka saag.

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