Sunday, 10 February 2013

Who is inspiring who!

This blog is in its second month and doing well. When I reflect why in the first place I wanted to develop a blog or as was my initial feeling, to write a recipe book (I am so glad that my children persuaded me to develop a blog instead), I think it was for several reasons. One of the reasons was to inspire, even the novices to try out their favourite dish. We are at an age when our children have left the nest, but still crave for that home cooked meal, which they can't get it in restaurants.

My daughter, like so many other things I have done in my life, is my inspiration for this blog . Once she left home to set up home in the big city of London, she started to entertain cooking for several friend. I suspect she always bragged about her dad's prowess in Indian cooking. Initially she would ring me asking for recipes or stay on the phone as she would prepare a meal, I on the other end giving step by step instructions. She even used some of my recipes to give to her bosses at work, I am sure there was no anticipation of a promotion! I am glad to say she has developed her own niche and is preparing cakes and afters. I hope to put some of her recipes later in this blog.

In the very first month my son rang me asking for the Lamb Kofta recipe. Instead of just telling him such a complicated recipe I put the recipe on the blog. I did warn him that it is not the easiest item to start cooking Indian food. Against my advice he went on and made it and his words were, "it tastes just like Koftas you make"! I don't believe there could be any better testimonial.

Last night I noticed that the blog was getting hits from Hong Kong! This turned out to be from another young man who is some 6000 miles away from his mum in the South Wales. He fancied some easy to do home food, so in these days of cheap telephone calls he rang his father, who told him about this blog. He I am reliably informed, went on to make the Prawn Curry! A first for him and wonderful it turned out to be.

Then I was sent a recipe of Mushroom starters by my nephew, which were a hit ahead of the fried fish at a dinner party at my place!

I guess these stories gives me immense pleasure and hopefully give the right incentive to continue to write. Unfortunately, this blog doesn't let viewers interact unless they have a gmail email account. I would request that viewers contact me at my email address which is

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