Monday, 23 January 2017

Class Room 2017 - The Classes

Last year has been quite busy with three classes going all through the year. However, I have not been as organised with blogging.

New Year and New Resolutions! I will add the recipes for two classes one is the beginners and the other for students who feel a bit more accomplished! I am glad to say that people coming for these classes have started to cook Indian meals for themselves as well as for family and friends, which is a credit to them and the confidence they have gained.

The format for my classes remains the same. In the class I try to teach students not only various recipes but to prepare a meal. I tend to choose dishes which compliment each other and the end result is a preparation of meal which could be an envy of many an Indian homes. Here students learn to combine different dishes, present them and eat the food in an Indian way.

I hail from the Delhi, which is a very foodie place and the food served in the homes and the Restaurants there is synonymous to Indian food as is known to most in the world. I am lucky because of that, however I have travelled vastly in India and believe that regional food from all parts of India is as good if not better. In these classes I would like to introduce some of the dishes which I have learnt during my travels. I hope to bring a variety to and fusion of various regional dishes.

My previous blogs helped people to refer to and prepare a dish of their choice but what it lacked was to prepare a meal which for most Indians would be preparing two or three dishes. In my classes I stress what goes well with one main dish and hence we prepare three items in each class. One would be the main dish and others side dishes which for me is presentable meal.

To reflect this I intend to change the format of this blog from just being a recipe scrap book to a reference site where uninitiated could just follow each class  and prepare three dishes which would be a complete meal for a family or a group of friends.


  1. Please keep visiting this blog as I am going to be putting at least two meal ideas and recipes each month.