Thursday, 21 November 2013

The Journey - Exploring the streets of India for that taste of India

I have such beautiful memories of having the most wonderful food in what we refer to as Purani (Old) Delhi. Delhi is well known for its Bazaars, full of street vendors and small restaurants, famous for a ‘one-dish’ speciality. Some of these vendors became so popular that people would come from far off places and insist on eating at these joints. It is not only Delhi which has such famous and popular food dishes, but there are other towns and cities in India which are equally renowned for their cuisine. These are often referred to as Street food. Sometimes one can even get that perfect Tarka Dal or Mutton curry on the road side at one of the communal tandoors on the main road near villages often catering not only for the villagers but for the passerby's!  

For a long time now I have been thinking of revisiting the streets of India for just that exquisite Indian food. This would be a big undertaking, but something if I can achieve it, would be dream come true.

When we were young we didn't travel much, so I know mainly the streets food vendors of Delhi and some of the cities in Uttar Pradesh. However, we know that every region in India has some classics loved world over. This in mind I have undertaken that I spend longer time in India. I am not sure how I would cover this vast nation of ours, but I do intend to give it a good go. I would have liked to cover one region at a time but, with meagre resources I may just cover different areas opportunistically.

In undertaking this task, I recognise that I would need much help from friends and family. I would also need friendly vendors who would share their stories and occasionally the recipes. When I can’t get the recipes I would like to tell a story which may explain why I think a particular dish deserves to be on my blog. I would also get some local ladies and maids to replicate some of the fabulous dishes which are sold in their villages or towns.

I would love to hear from the hundreds of followers of this blog about their memories from childhood or present. They may have eaten something memorable near to their home or while visiting a place on holiday. I would try my best to visit such places if I can.

In my pre-retired life I was neither a cook nor a blogger. At best I enjoyed a good meal and and a lot of entertaining. I could cook a handful of preparations. However, since I took up cooking I have learnt and am enjoying preparing new and wonderful dishes, which is perfect for entertaining.

Unlike some big and not so big names who come on the TV programs I have undertaken this task independently. This poses great many hurdles. Some like camera handling I have to sort out at the outset and hope with experience I would get better. My friends on the blog have already advised me on the choice of camera, which I have invested in. Now I have to ask someone to help me use these modern cameras to their fullest potential. I am sure there would be many hurdles which I would only come across as I start my journey. 
My enthusiastic friends and family members site professionally made websites of well know chefs and TV personalities to shape my blog on. What they don’t realise it is that neither am I a great cook, nor do I want to copy anyone’s style. I am just a chap who is exploring Indian Street food at its best, and I am trying to write about the story behind these fabulous places. I am sure all my friends mean well and are being helpful. So keep up with the suggestions, I will listen to all but do as I see fit.

This in mind I have booked myself a working holiday for five months in India. My base would be Delhi but I hope to travel to different parts of India and I would hope to bring some colourful sights and recipes. 


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  2. I am glad you enjoyed my blog. Keep a look out I am hoping to publish a book as well, God willing!!