Thursday, 21 March 2013

Kashmiri Rogan Josh

This is one of the signature dishes amongst Kashmiri pandits. I note that often people consider Rogan Josh as Kashmiri Muslim dish, however, my observation is that it is equally popular amongst the Kashmiri Pandits and it would be a disservice to the Kashmiri Pandits if they were not also given credit for it. In fact I have been taught how to make a proper Rogan Josh by my Kashmiri Pandit friends. 

Pandits in Kashmir surprisingly do not cook their food with onion or garlic yet eat meat, which is in contrast to the pandits from rest of India, where vegetarianism amongst pandits means no meat, onion and garlic. Historically, Kashmir was the land of Hindu ascetic, who were like other Brahmins, staunch vegetarians, eating food made without onion or garlic and only once a day. How, when and why then, the Kashmiri Pandits started to eat meat is worth researching. I have read somewhere that with the repeated invasion of India by the Muslim rulers and forced conversion to Islamism may be the reason for the introduction of meat amongst everyone in Kashmir including the Pandits. Yet then it is difficult to explain why unlike the rest of the Mughlai food, where onions and garlic is used in abundance, they don't use them. Perhaps they kept some of the Brahmin traditions but gave up others! Just as well, as this dish is such a winner. 


1 Kg Lamb
10-12 Cloves
1 inch Cinnamon stick
2-3 Brown Cardamoms
1/3 tsf Chilli powder
1 tsf crushed Fennel seeds
1 tsf Ginger powder
1 ¼ tsf Salt (to taste)
5 tbsf Yogurt
5 tbsf oil


Heat the oil in a pressure cooker, when hot put the cinnamon stick and cardamoms stir for 3-4 mins or when they sizzle. Now add the lamb, chilli powder and salt. Brown the meat and when it is slightly brown add yogurt spoonful at a time so that it mixes well. If the lamb catches you can add small amount of water. After browning add ½ cup of water, Ginger powder and Crushed fennel seeds and give pressure for 25 mins (time will depend on quality of meat). The lamb should be tender and the dish should be dry. With the lid of the pressure cooker off dry off any water.  

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